Is there any proof or evidence for the effectiveness of recoveriX therapy?

Yes, there is! The effectiveness of recoveriX for stroke patients was shown in a group study of 52 patients. The 51 patients who finished the treatment showed highly significant improvements in upper extremity motor function and spasticity. Furthermore, when patients train with recoveriX for their lower extremity, they show significant improvements in gait and walking velocity, balance and coordination during walking and ankle range of motion. More importantly, recoveriX was compared with many independent studies and control groups during the medical product certification process. As a medical product, the effectiveness of recoveriX must be updated every year by a notified body to make sure, it is effective and safe for patients.

Stroke Study Results

Furthermore, the efficacy of recoveriX was shown in a group of 25 people who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis. After training with recoveriX for 30 therapy sessions, patients improved highly significantly in their 6MWT performance. Specifically, they were able to walk 39.4 meters farther after the treatment in comparison to before.

MS Study Results