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Ischemic stroke is the most common cause of permanent movement disabilities and the second most common cause of death. The number of strokes increases every year, and so does the need for alternative and more effective rehabilitation approaches.

At the same time, more than 2,8 million people have a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. Treatment options include injections or medications for relapsing-remitting MS.

recoveriX is the first cutting-edge neurotechnology that helps stroke and MS clients to improve their mobility and get back to living their lives at the fullest.

Are you new to the franchise business world? Don’t worry, we’ll take you by the hand and guide you through the franchise business. Settle for health and recovery and make it your business to help stroke and MS clients with the best technology that is on the market.

Your Competitive Advantage

The investment includes a yearly fee for the recoveriX system within the first 3 years. The yearly turnover per recoveriX system is € 200.000, calculated with an hourly training rate of € 80 and with 100 clients per year.

Don’t settle for second-best when it comes to health and recovery. Choose recoveriX for your business in healthcare and start your journey to a brighter, more fulfilling future today!

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6 Steps to become a franchise partner

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Become a franchise partner and benefit from the competitive advantage of an innovative stroke rehabilitation approach today!


Take over a complete region

Choose your regions and get in touch with g.tec medical engineering to sign the contract.


Get your recoveriX Gyms running

Select recoveriX Gym locations, train your personnel and install the recoveriX systems.


Start treatment and make money

Schedule appointments with your clients and treat them with recoveriX.

Services We Provide

System Installation

We’ve got you covered with the brain-computer interface system and consumables you need to successfully perform recoveriX training.


After you signed the contract, you’ll learn how to use recoveriX directly with real stroke clients at recoveriX Schiedlberg.


The recoveriX training is well documented in a standard operation procedure (SOP) to guide you step by step through the process of stroke rehabilitation.


We will provide you with a website, logos, client folders and marketing material and we support you with the acquisition of new clients.


First, you have to select a region and the number of recoveriX Gyms you want to open in order to become a recoveriX franchise partner. Then, you need one or many suitable, accessible location(s) with parking areas where you perform the recoveriX trainings.

Once you organized the infrastructure, you are ready for the recoveriX training in one of the recoveriX Flagship Gyms. Then, the recoveriX system(s) will be installed in your treatment rooms.

Finally, it’s time to recruit clients, make appointments and start training.

We picked the most important cities in the regions based on population numbers, distance and travelling time. But you are very welcome to select different recoveriX locations based on other criteria. You can also place more recoveriX Gyms in one city or region, with the final goal to reduce travel time of your clients. It’s ideal to reduce travel time to less than 30 minutes.

The investment includes a yearly fee for the recoveriX system within the first 3 years. The yearly turnover per recoveriX system is € 200.000, calculated with an hourly training rate of € 80 and with 100 clients per year.

The recoveriX reimbursement depends on the local health care system. Usually, regional reimbursement codes can be billed, for example physical training, occupational training, mirror neuron training, functional electrical stimulation or motor movement imagery. recoveriX training performs three of these trainings at once:

  1. functional electrical stimulation
  2. mirror neuron training
  3. motor movement imagery

Therefore, you might be able to charge these three for the recoveriX training.

You need a training space that consists of one or multiple treatment rooms, an entrance area or waiting room and a restroom. The recoveriX system is placed on a table, where the client and the therapist are seated next to each other. The rent or lease for your training space depends on size, region and furniture, but you will need approx. 20-40 sqm. A recoveriX system has a yearly fee + a franchise fee per training, and there are the costs of consumables such as EEG gel or FES electrodes.

Get in contact with g.tec to get an offer.

The recoveriX training can be performed by physical therapists, occupational therapists, medical doctors, nurses or trained personnel under the supervision of you or your recoveriX franchise manager. Ideally, recoveriX appointments for your recoveriX Gyms are managed centrally, as well as the recruitment of the clients and the invoicing.

There are many ways of how to get stroke clients. Make sure to inform local hospitals, rehabilitation centres and medical practices, self-help groups and physicians about your recoveriX Gym in order to send you clients, e.g. with a therapy pitch, client folders or any other information materials. It’s highly beneficial if you report about successful recoveriX treatments with clients in local media and newspapers. TV podcasts are a great way to show your recoveriX success to a broad audience.



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