What should I do at home after the recoveriX treatment?

Patients can perform the hand and foot motor imagery at home to activate the sensorimotor cortex. It’s important that patients perform different tasks to keep the brain busy. If patients always think of the same movement, the training effect of the brain is lower. We recommend to imagine movements alternately, for example left hand movement, then right hand movement and then foot movement.

recoveriX’ key is the training of the brain. But, it’s also important that patients do some physical exercises at home to train the muscles, especially the affected limbs. recoveriX therapy can reduce the spasticity in the legs dramatically, but this also accompanied by more muscle strength to walk.

Typically, patients walk a bit slower after the first few recoveriX therapy sessions because the spasticity reduces and the stiff leg bends better. With physical exercise and recoveriX training, the muscle strength and muscle control improve. After the 25th therapy session, patients are able to stand up and walk much quicker than before.