Is it beneficial to perform a second recoveriX treatment block (25 therapy sessions) after finishing the first recoveriX treatment block?

The short answer is Yes, because further motor function improvements are still possible especially if you have responded well to the first recoveriX treatment block. As always, we have the data to back up this conclusion, so let’s look at it.

Eighteen stroke patients participated in at least one recoveriX treatment block, before they started their recoveriX lower extremity treatment block (i.e., foot therapy). Across their previous treatment block, they improved significantly by 4.8 points in upper extremity motor function[1] on average. Then these 18 stroke patients participated in the recoveriX lower extremity treatment block and we observed significant improvements in the following clinical scales:

  • Barthel Index
  • Upper and Lower Fugl-Meyer Assessment
  • Modified Ashworth Scale of the ankle joint
  • Range of motion of the ankle and knee joint
  • Manual Muscle Test of the knee and ankle
  • Timed Up and Go Test
  • 10-Meter Walk Test

Taking a closer look at the walking velocity, which is assessed using the 10-Meter Walk Test, we could observe an improvement by 0.14 m/s on average. In other words, the patients could walk 0.5 km/h faster after their recoveriX lower extremity treatment block.

[1] Upper extremity motor function was assessed using the Upper Extremity Fugl-Meyer Assessment.